We believe in simple and transparent pricing

It may sound cheesy, but its true! It's why we made a whole article just on it so you can see exactly what you will pay.

First let's get some clear points down

  1. Zero sign up fee
  2. Zero monthly fee
  3. Only pay for what you use

The total fee is 1% + Stripes fee per transaction

Don't know what Stripe is? Click here to learn why you need it for SuperPay.

Stripe's fee varies country to country  depending on where the card is from. You can always find out Stripe's fee form their pricing page here https://stripe.com/pricing. Let's run through an example below for our customers in the UK.

Stripes fee for the UK

In the above example Stripes fee for European cards is 1.4% + 20p. This means the total fee for using SuperPay will be 2.4% + 20p. Simple right!

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